Video Surveillance & Security Services for Heath, TX

Whether you are designing a new video surveillance solution, or
enhancing your existing platform in Heath, TX, we are here to help.

Security System Design

We work with you customize a solution to meet the security requirements of your home of business.

Security System Installation

We offer comprehensive installation services for video surveillance cameras & security systems.

Security Training

We will empower YOU with the tools and knowledge to manage and fully leverage your system.

Why Trust Us
For Your
Security Needs?

For years, Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. has provided security solutions and security system installation services for hundreds of satisfied home and business owners in Heath, TX.

We carefully select reliable, high-performance video surveillance and access control technology, and work with our customers to design a security system that meets the security requirements of their specific application.

Our highly-trained, experienced team of security experts offers a wide range of professional services, ranging from system design and installation, to training and support.

We understand that security is a critical and extremely sensitive investment... and Grayson Pro-Tech, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with the ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND.

Professional Security Solutions

We offer a comprehensive selection of video surveillance and access control technologies,
customizable to meet the requirements of virtually any security application.

Businesses served in Heath, TX

Our professional-grade video surveillance and access control technologies are trusted to protect homes and businesses in virtually every industry - in Heath, TX and across the country. Our feature-rich security solutions are completely customizable, and can scale to protect virtually any sized application - from a single-door stand-alone business, to a multi-building, multi-site installation.

Retail Security Solutions

Whether you manage a single retail store in Heath, TX, a multi-site retail franchise, or a nation-wide retail chain, you need your video surveillance system to provide value well beyond the basic benefits of security, loss prevention...

Education Security Solutions

Schools and universities depend on video surveillance to deter theft and protect students, faculty, and personnel. Our solutions provide integrate with existing systems to address concerns that are faced by...

Business Security Solutions

Whether you manage a single office building, a campus consisting of several buildings, or a network including multiple locations requiring centralized management, you need your video surveillance system to provide...

Government Security

From state and local offices in Heath, TX to expansive federal agencies, government administrators have grown increasingly dependent on video surveillance for years to prevent theft and protect facilities and personnel.

Healthcare Security

Healthcare providers rely on video surveillance to deter theft and protect personnel and assets. With advances in technology, video systems that were once solely intended to provide for loss prevention...

Financial Services
Security Solutions

Our video and data management software solutions provide intelligent visual integration with existing business systems to address challenges that banks, credit unions, and others in the financial services industry...

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